Word Format of CS training agreement

The apprentice and the Company Secretary in Practice will enter into a Contract of Apprenticeship. The contract will be executed in the specified form in duplicate and signed by both the parties viz., the apprentice and the Company Secretary in Practice. The contract will be filed for registration with the Institute in the specified form. … Continue reading Word Format of CS training agreement

Service of summons via whats-app

Delhi High Court allowed service of summons via whats-app, text messages and email in the case of: Tata Sons Ltd. & Ors. V/s. John Doe(s) & Ors. In CS (Comm) 1601 of 2016. Date of the Order: April 27, 2017. Click here to download Order  

System requirements for Accessing GST Portal

Desktop Browser Internet Explorer 10+ Chrome 49+ or Firefox 45+ Besides the above on browser compatibility following should not be disabled: Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) - used to render User Interface look and feel of the portal. Disabling this will not provide appropriate user experience JavaScript - used to provide enhanced user experience in using … Continue reading System requirements for Accessing GST Portal

Corporate Seva Kendra – MCA

For any query related to Company Name Availability and Company Incorporation, please contact CRC Helpdesk : 0124-4832500 (option 1) Email: CRC.Escalation@mca.gov.in. If service complaints related to Name Reservation or Company Incorporation are not resolved within 2 working days after a service ticket is raised, Stakeholders may escalate the matter by sending an email to CRC.Escalation@mca.gov.in only in the event … Continue reading Corporate Seva Kendra – MCA

DSC setting for GST

Steps involve to resolve DSC issue's at GST portal:- Firstly uninstalled all the DSC token software's from your PC; like Trustkey, e-Pass 2003, WD-Proxkey, M-Token by going to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features >Uninstall Program. Secondly uninstalled em-Signor software, if any installed. Then Updated 'Chrome' Browser with latest version from their website. … Continue reading DSC setting for GST


Step wise process for GST Registration

For registering yourself as a normal taxpayer, perform the following steps: 1. Access the https://www.gst.gov.in/ URL. The GST Home page is displayed. 2. Click the Services > Registration > New Registration option. Alternatively, you can also click REGISTER NOW link. The Application form is divided into two parts as Part A and Part B. Part … Continue reading Step wise process for GST Registration