The Department of Industry Policy and Promotion has extended the validity of Industrial licence for defence sector for the second time this year, increasing it to 15 years with provision for a further extension of three years to promote defence manufacturing. However, In case a licence has already expired the licensee will have to apply for a fresh licence.

Note: In April, the Department had increased the validity of the licence to 7 years, with provision for extending it up to 10 years.


Services on MCA Portal may not be available, tentatively, from 24th Sep 2015, 07:00 PM to 25th Sep 2015, 07:00 AMNew Forms AOC-4 (Non-XBRL), MGT-7, ADT-2 & SH-9 is being made available w.e.f 25th September 2015 along with C&I Validation tool beta version. You are requested to plan accordingly. 


The Department will not extend the deadline for income tax assesses to disclose unaccounted foreign assets abroad beyond September 30, the expiry date of the 3 Month compliance window to avoid punitive action.