SB-LogoWebsites that run jokes taking potshots at members of the Sikh community should be banned, a petitioner has asked the Supreme Court. Harvinder Chowdhury, a Sikh herself, argued that people form her community are ridiculed because of these jokes.

The jokes poke fun by purportedly portraying them as “persons of low intellect, stupid and foolish”, she said. The court however observed that the “Sikh community is known for its great sense of humour” and many from the community may also enjoy it.

“Even Sikhs may object to your petition. Fortunately we have a Sikh judge in the Supreme Court. Can we post this case before the judge?” the court asked.

Declining the court’s offer, the petitioner said the jokes “affect the dignity” of her community. “We are being ridiculed by these jokes. We have sacrificed a lot but when we go abroad we are ridiculed. I myself have suffered it. We want these to be stopped,” the petitioner said.

Admitting the public interest litigation, the court agreed to give the Ms Chowdhury a month’s time to prepare for her to present her case.