422385-bankofbaroda70040-year-old Rasool (name changed) sells vegetables on his cart in North Delhi. Last year, he became the director of a company overnight without even knowing it and his remuneration was Rs 10,000 per month.

Rasool is not the only one who became a pseudo entrepreneur but there are 59 like him, living in slums, like rickshaw pullers, vendors, drivers, household workers, who were approached by black money hoarders and made the Directors of 59 companies in the Bank of Baroda Rs 6,172 crore money laundering scandal.

On the basis of voter IDs, their PAN cards were got prepared by the accused persons and then current accounts were opened in the BoB branch in the name of fake companies. “Some names in these companies – Directors and partners – were almost same and companies were shown registered at fake addresses,” the officer added. Similarly, shell companies were opened in Hong Kong through their contacts.