Under new plan, Only 15 days in a month you shall drive a car in Delhi

asapOutlining the contours of its ambitious plan to curb pollution through odd-even number plate formula, Delhi government on Sunday said odd-numbered vehicles will be allowed to ply on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while even-numbered vehicles will run on the other days – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Delhi home minister Satyendra Jain said the government will only allow emergency vehicles like PCR van, fire tenders, ambulances on the roads of the national capital.

  • Odd Numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) car run on MWF
  • Even Numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) car run on TTS
  • Sunday – Not Specified Yet

The minister said that the government will only allow emergency vehicles like PCR Van, Fire tenders, ambulance to run on roads in the national capital.

“Odd-Even formula will also be applicable on all ministers and officers. I will also use my car on alternate days and will use carpooling service on other days,” Jain said.

The minister has also sought people’s suggestions on the government’s odd-even formula. People can send their suggestions to mailto:pollutionfreedelhi@gmail.com, he said.

Applicable from – 01.01.2016