CS(-_-).qxdThis facility is to be utilised by companies towards payment of Stamp Duty on issuance of New Shares. This facility implemented for the Jurisdiction of NCT Delhi only.The companies desirous of availing this facility of online stamp duty payment through this payment portal may please register online and proceed further. As a First Step companies after taking login will populate the relevant details of the new shares issued against which stamp duty payment to be made. Subsequently the details will be validated by Govt. officials & challan will be issued to the companies against which Stamp Duty payment is to be remitted. The process will close with the issuance of e-Stamp Certificate by STOCKHOLDING to the company on receipt of the stamp duty payment and the said certificate is to be collected from the nearest Branch of StockHolding Delhi.

Applicable from – 07.01.2016

Pay Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Payment on Issuance of Shares Certificate is currently available in NCT of Delhi.