Day: January 15, 2016

Cellular Nourishment Therapy

Vestige started by Sh. Gautam Bali on 02.06.2004 is the first company in India to introduce products based upon Cellular Nourishment Therapy (CNT). CNT is a alternate therapy used to help supplement the treatment & help in curing as well as preventing the re-occurrence of certain life- threatening & degenerative diseases that allopathic medicine is unable to tackle on its own due to its narrow philosophy of treating symptoms & then focusing on the source of disease. With introduction of CNT based products in India by Vestige, these degenerative diseases can be successfully controlled & contained in a time-bound manner (minimum of 4-6 months of regular usage), as this therapy goes into the root cause of such ailments by accurately providing the adequate amount of essential as well as basic nutrients/ daily nourishment to our cells that is lacking in the food is part of our daily routine. Cells have an average life-span of a 90-120 days in our human body. New Cells are constantly made & re-generated in our body & broadly speaking Human Beings are blessed with a new body every 3 months due to this regeneration process. 4 major factors that are responsible for the regeneration of cells in our body (this aspect is ignored by Allopathic Medicine during diagnosis & treatment) Stress levels; Our general mood during this regeneration process; Existing capacity of Cell nutrients...

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MCA-21 Service Not Available Tomorrow

All our stakeholders are requested to note that services on the portal will not be available from 08:00AM to 06:00PM on Saturday, 16th Jan 2016 due to periodic maintenance activities. While in the past, such activities may have been carried out after office hours, this time the maintenance activities are required to be carried out during the day since collaboration with other offices is required. All stakeholders are requested to plan their filing activities accordingly. By...

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