Which documents are compulsorily registrable in NCT of Delhi?

Article No.             Description of Instrument

5(c)                        Rectification Deed- Immovable

6(2)(a)                   Agreement relating to deposit of title deed

6(2)(b)                   Agreement relating to deposit of title deed

12                          Award

12                          Award – Immovable

17                          Cancellation of Instrument

18                          Certificate of Sale

23                          Conveyance

23                          Sale

23                          Decree (Sale Deed/Conveyance)

23- A                      Sale Agreement

25                          Additional Copy of document

31                          Exchange of property

32(a)                      Further Charge

32(b)(i)                   Further Charge

32(b)(ii)                  Further Charge

33                           Gift

35                           Perpetual

35(i)                        Lease- Rent deed upto 1 year

35(ii)                       Lease upto 5 years

35(iii)                      Lease upto 10 years

35(iv)                      Lease upto 20 years

35(v)                       Lease upto 30 years

35(vi)                      Lease upto 100 years 

35(vii)                     Lease upto 200 years

35(ii)                       Lease with security upto 5 years

35(iii)                      Lease with security upto 10 years

35(iv)                      Lease with security upto 20 years

35(v)                       Lease with security upto 30 years

35(vi)                      Lease with security upto 100 years

35(vii)                     Lease with security upto 200 years

40                           Mortgage

40(c)                       Mortgage Collateral

41                           Mortgage of a Crop

45                           Partition

54                           Re-conveyance

55                           Relinquishment Deed

55                           Release

57                           Security Bond

58                           Settlement

58                           Decree (Settlement)

58                           Memorandum of Settlement

61                           Surrender of Lease

63                           Transfer of Lease

64                           Trust