Article No.           Description of Instrument

3                          Adoption

4                          Declaration

5                          General Agreement

5                          Consent Letter

5(c)                      Rectification Deed- Movable

11                        Authority to Adopt

12                        Award – Movable

15                        Indemnity Bond

17                        Cancellation of Agreement

29                        Divorce

46                        Partnership

48                        Power of attorney –SPA

48(c)                    Power of attorney – GPA

48(d)                    Power of attorney – GPA more than five persons jointly and severally

48(e)                    Power of attorney – GPA more than five persons but less than ten persons

48(f)                     Power of attorney– GPA with consideration

48(g)                    Power of attorney – Authenticated GPA

53                         Receipt

55                         Disclaimer

56                         Respondentia Bond

64(b)                     Revocation of Trust

64(b)                     Dissolution Deed

64(b)                     Deed of Retirement