Third Party Certification shall be recognized by the Labour Department. Such certification will be permissible only by a Company Secretary who has not been an employee or on the regular pay role of the establishment or has not been a consultant of the company for the last three years. The units which submit third party certification regularly on annual basis shall not be inspected through the random list of inspections. Such units will be inspected only in the event of serious complaints or unrest etc.

Transparent Inspection Policy

The Labour Department Haryana implements various provisions related to safety, health, welfare and other conditions of employment under various labour laws. In order to ensure the compliance of various provisions under these enactments, the Department has notified various functionaries for the inspection of the establishments/factories. Although inspection guidelines have been framed in the past, but these have not been implemented properly; besides there have been some complaints of adhocism in the inspections. The prevalent instructions/guidelines are not conforming to the use of Information Technology, which has to be brought into fore in the near future. Therefore, a new comprehensive transparent inspection policy is required to be put in place with the following objectives:-

  • To achieve the objective of simplifying business regulations.
  • To regulate the implementation of statutory provisions under various labour laws in transparent and accountable manner through wide scale adoption of technology and innovation.
  • To protect the rights of workers in relation to their Safety, Health and Welfare as also other conditions of employment in the spirit and manner as envisaged in the law.
  • To eliminate the arbitrariness and adhocism in the actions of inspecting authorities as also to curb the malpractices and harassment of the industrial and other establishments with a view to improve the ease of doing business.

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