Image result for mca21The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has empowered the Regional Director(s) to prepare and maintain / update the Mediation and Conciliation Panel of eligible experts in pursuance of Rule 3 (1) of Section 442 of the Companies Act, 2013 who are willing to be appointed as mediator or conciliator in this Region.

Earlier Regional Director, North Western Region, Ahmadabad, Gujarat has already invited applications from willing and eligible persons to be selected and included in the panel of experts as “Mediator or Conciliator” who may provide relevant services to parties as may be allowed by the Central Government or Tribunal (Company Law Tribunal or Appellate Tribunal) under the Companies (Mediation and Conciliation) Rules, 2016.
Now, Regional Director Western Region, Mumbai, Regional Director South Eastern Region, Hyderabad and Regional Director Eastern Region, Kolkata by MCA Notification dated 28.09.2016 in form of notice  invites applications for empanelling experts as Mediators and Conciliators.