MCA Updates

  • The MCA21 system will be unavailable from 8:00am to 6:00pm IST on Saturday, 7th Jan 2017 for system maintenance. Stakeholders are requested to plan accordingly.
  • Vide the Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Fifth Rules, 2016 dated 29th December 2016, INC-2 is deprecated and INC-7 shall be used for incorporating Part I Companies and companies with more than seven subscribers only. The revised INC-7 shall be made available on the portal for filing purposes w.e.f 15th January 2017. For incorporating OPCs and Companies (with up to seven subscribers), only SPICe (INC-32) should be used henceforth. The filing fee for SPICe has also been reduced from Rs.2000 to Rs.500 and number of resubmissions from three to two. The detailed FAQs on SPICe are available on the portal for the information of stakeholders.  Stakeholders may take note and plan accordingly.