shaheedi-diwas-bdOn the night of March 23, 1931, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Raj Guru’s patriotism was hanged by the words of the crime. It is said that the death penalty was fixed on the morning of March 24, but the fear of some big public outcry was frightened by the British government on the night of March 23, the lifelines of these revolutionaries were eliminated. In the darkness of the night, their funeral was also done on the banks of the Sutlej.

Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death in the Lahore conspiracy case, and at the age of 24, only on the night of 23 March 1931, he laughed and kissed the hanging of the hanging of ‘Inqlab Zidabad’.

Bhagat Singh also became a source of inspiration for the youth. They were the leader of country’s martyrs. (India-Darshan compilation)