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Trust all of you doing amazing in your life. Today I, would like to share you something about online selling. Trust us it is awesome way to earn handsome amount of money every month. Details are:-

Image result for e-commerceOnline marketplaces offer a number of advantages for small retailers, including the ability to reach new and diverse customer bases. E-commerce in India is booming. According to a study conducted by Google India, there were 100 million online shoppers in India in 2016 and is expected to cross 500 million mark by end of year 2018. Broadband internet and explosive growth of mobile phones are fueling this growth further.

Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm have already crossed billion dollar valuation. If you have a product to sell, this is perhaps the best time to start selling it online. Here is an ultimate guide to teach you how to sell online in India.

Before You Start Selling Online, You Must Aware about Cost Structure involve in Selling Products. Details are :-

  1. Infrastructure cost
  2. Employee cost
  3. Product cost
  4. Packaging cost
  5. Maketplace cost (Selling Charges of Flipkart/Snapdeal/Amazon/Paytm & Other Websites)
  6. Courier cost
  7. Sales return cost

Now that you have a fair idea of different costs involved in selling online, you can do quick math to find out the profitability of your venture. Here is a simple formula :

Profit Margin= Selling price – (Product Cost + Packing & Shipping + Fixed Cost + Marketing Cost + Variable Costs)

If your profit margin is positive, you are good to go ahead and start selling online. If its very low or negative, you should think about minimizing the costs.

00Steps involve for selling products online through Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Amazon & Other Sites:-

  • Entity – Select your entity type to start any business in India. You have following options:-
  1. Sole Proprietorship – Where individual is owner (It will cost you Zero)
  2. Partnership Firm – Deed of Partnership governance entire structure as per Partnership Registration Act, 1932. (It will cost you Rs 5500 to 1oooo)
  3. LLP – Limited Liability Partnership. (It will cost you Rs 7500 – 10000)
  4. Company – Companies Act, 2013 deal with registration of different type of companies. As per your budget and business plans you can select. (It will cost you Rs 15000 – 25000)
  5. NGO – You can register NGO for selling products online but purpose of NGO for selling products must be social.  (It will cost you Rs 10000 – 30000) 
  • Pan – Permanent Account Number of Entity and Authorized Person is Mandatory to register with online selling sites) (It will cost you Rs 500)
  • VAT/ Service Tax Now GSTN – For selling products VAT/Service Tax or Now we can say GST Registration is must. (It will cost you Rs 5500 – 10000)
  • Bank Account – Open current account with entity name in any Bank and Scan Cancelled Cheque for uploading with e-commerce website for registration.
  • Active Email ID and Mobile Number – Always keep in mind purchase separate mobile number and create separate email ID for this business.
  • Address proof of authorized person – UID / Passport / Utility bill with your name.
  • Create your account with Flipkart/ Snapdeal / Amazon / Paytm and Other Websites.
  • Kindly use same Email ID, Mobile Number, Login ID and Password for all websites.
  • Fill the form, upload the requested documents and list your products with e-commerce website.
  • After approving, your dashboard is ready for analyzing daily sale and listing of other products.

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