Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying our corporate updates. Today I, would like to inform you 17 key points that must be part of your “Tax Invoice” after applicability of GST. The key points are:-

  1. Name, Address, Contact Number and Self GSTIN
  2. Serial Number
  3. Date of Issue
  4. Name, Address and GSTIN of receiving person
  5. Name , Address and State of other person not registered
  6. HSN Code
  7. Description
  8. Quantity
  9. Total Value
  10. Discount if any
  11. Rates – SGST/CGST/IGST
  12. Amount of tax
  13. Place of supply
  14. Address if it differ from place of supply
  15. Whether tax payable on reverse charge basis
  16. Signature
  17. Total Taxable Amount

Invoice Format Under GST

Pic Credit – https://gst.caknowledge.in | Source – Social Media