Delhi University 2017 Cut Off List shall give you an overview of the cut off marks in this academic year. The candidates who have applied for the courses in the pre-form can view the cut off and may visit the respective colleges for process.

Schedule for Announcement of Cut Offs

First Admission list 23 Jun 2017 – Announced!
Second Admission List 01 Jul 2017
Third Admission List 07 Jul 2017
Fourth Admission 13 Jul 2017
Fifth Admission 18 Jul 2017

Lady Shri Ram College for Women:

  • Economics (hons)- 97.5%
  • English (hons)- 98%
  • History (hons)- 96.5%
  • Political science (hons)-97.5%
  • BCom (hons)- 97.25%
  • BA (hons) Sanskrit has the lowest cuoff score at 65%. BA programme cutoff drops by 1.5 percentage point to 95.5%

Sri Aurobindo College:

Sri Aurobindo College kept its cutoff similar to last year. English (hons) remained same as last year at 92%. B.Com (hons) at 95%. Hindi (hons) saw a dip of 2 percentage points and fell to 74%. BA programme was at 83%.

Kirori Mal College:

Cutoff for Physics (Hons) down from 98% last year to 96%. Political Science up to 97%.

Daulat Ram College:

At Daulat Ram College some subjects reported a rise in cutoff – English (hons) is available at 97% as compared to last year’s 96.25%. BA Programme cutoff increased to 91% from 2016’s 89.5%.

But other subjects, including Economics , History and Political Science, B.Com, and B.Com (hons) saw a dip ranging from 0.25-1 percentage points.

B.Com was at 96%, B.Com (hons) at 96.5%, and Economics (hons) at 96.5% at the college.

Hans Raj College:

The trend of cutoffs going lower continued at Hans Raj College also where most subjects either remained at the same mark as last year or saw a a dip of 0.25-1 percentage points.

The college kept the cutoff for Economics (hons) at 97.25% and B.Com (hons) at 97.5%. For English (hons) the cutoff remained same as last year at 97%.

Only BA Programme saw a rise in cutoff. The subject was available at 97% as compared to last year’s 96%.

The cutoff for Science subjects remained almost same. Chemistry (hons) was at 97.33% and Physics (hons) was at 97% — both same as last year.

Maharaja Agrasen:

Courses, other than BA programme, see a dip of 1-3 percentage points in cutoffs. BCom (Hons) down to 95%.

Ramjas College 1st cutoff:

At Ramjas College, most of the subjects saw a dip between 0.25-2 percentage points in cutoff compared to last year.

B.Com (hons) was at 97.5%, a dip of 1.75 percentage points from last year’s 99.25%. Economics (hons) was at 97.5% as compared to last year’s 98.5%.

English (hons) is at 96.5% and History (hons) at 97%. Science subjects also saw a dip in cutoff with Chemistry (hons) at 96%, going down by 2 percentage points from last year’s 98%, said Ramjas acting principal PC Tulsian.

Eco: 97.5%; English: 96.5%; B.Com (hons): 97.5%. Dip by 0.25-2 percentage points in most subjects.

SRCC 1st cutoff: Economics and B.Com (hons) at 97.75%. Drop of 0.25 percentage point for Commerce and 0.50 percentage point for Economics from 2016.