Image result for petrolHello friends; hope all of you enjoying our corporate updates. You can’t Imagine what happening in India. The petroleum ministry announced new startup called “Petrolwallah” or “Dieselwallah”, in which you get petrol or diesel at your doorstep.

Tweets – “Options being explored where petro products may be door delivered to consumers on pre booking,” said the tweet. “This would help consumers avoid spending excessive time and long queues at fuel stations,” the ministry tweeted.

About 3.5 crore people come to fuel stations every day, it said. Annually Rs 2,500 crore ($387 million) worth of transactions takes place at fuel stations.

Presently, only the LPG gets delivered at home while the consumers has to go to the retail outlets to avail other petroleum products. India, the world’s third biggest oil consumer, will be introducing daily price revision of petrol and diesel in five cities from 1 May, ahead of a nation-wide roll out of the plan.