Related imageThe Companies Act, 2013 requires every company to maintain statutory records in the form of Registers & Minutes. Companies under the old Act were maintaining the same in physical form, however Rule 27 of Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 in the Companies Act, 2013 has changed the picture totally, prescribing for compulsorily preparation of Registers in Electronic form for listed companies and a company having not less than 1000 shareholders, debenture holders and other security holders.

Moreover other companies can also choose either to maintain records in physical or electronic form. It also prescribes certain formats in which these registers are to be maintained, important ones are as follows:

  1. Register of members (MGT-1)
  2. Register of debenture holders /other Securities holders (MGT-2)
  3. Register of renewed and duplicate share certificates (SH-2)
  4. Register of sweat equity shares (SH-3)
  5. Register of employee stock options (SH-4)
  6. Register of shares or other securities bought-back (SH-10)
  7. Register of charges (CHG-7)
  8. Register of loans, guarantee, security and acquisition made by the company (MBP-2)
  9. Register of investments not held in its own name by the company (MBP-3)
  10. Register of contracts with related party (MBP-4)
  11. Record of private placement (PAS-5)
  12. Register of deposit accepted/ renewed
  13. Register of directors & KMP and their shareholdings