Hello Readers..!!

Through this post you will get information about circular issued by Registrar of Corporate Societies, Government of Delhi. As per circular, creation of website is mandatory for all societies. This step is taken by Delhi Government to enhance Transparency level between society and stakeholders. Following things must be uploaded and updated by all societies in website:-

  1. Membership Details like Name, Father’s Name, Address, Contract Number and Membership Number.
  2. Annual Audit Reports.
  3. Annual Returns.
  4. Election and Details of Management Committee including mobile number and email id.
  5. AGM and Other Resolutions.
  6. SGM meeting resolution.
  7. MC meeting resolution.
  8. Public Notice.
  9. Office Address.
  10. Other Important Informations.

It is also requested by department to submit your url of the website as soon as possible.