Hello Readers..!!

Trust you’re enjoying our corporate updates. Today (26.01.2018) Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) started a new services named Reserve Unique Name (RUN) for reserve name of New or Existing Company. Some important points and detailed procedure mentioned below:-

Important Information

  • This is a post-login service and existing users would need to login into their account using their credentials. New users are required to create a login account first before using the service. After login, they may click on the icon Reserve Unique Name(RUN) under the head ‘MCA Services’. Availing the service
  • Proposed name auto check system through electronic registry.
  • Government Fees – Rs 1000/-
  • Resubmission’s – No (Users may please note that the name applied for will either be approved or rejected and no re-submission is allowed)
  • Reserved Name Validity – 20 Days from the date of allotment for New Company and 60 days for Existing Company.

Following details required to fill while applying name under RUN Service:-

  1. Entity Type
  2. CIN  (Only for existing company)
  3. Proposed Name
  4. Comments (Enter the objects of the proposed company and any other relevant comments in support of the proposed name)
  5. Optional Attachment (Maximum Size – 6 MB)

Other Important Informations

  • User has to enter the name he wants to reserve, for incorporation of a new company or for changing the name of an existing company. Users are requested to ensure that the proposed name selected does not contain any word which is prohibited under Section 4(2) & (3) of the Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. Users are also requested to read and understand Rule 8 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 in respect of any proposed name before applying for the same.
  • Name applications will be processed by Central Registration Centre(CRC) under Non-STP mode. The name applied for will be subjected to a comprehensive check by the Central Registration(CRC) and thereafter approval or rejection, as the case may be, shall be communicated by e-mail to the applicant.
  • The same user login ID which was used for reserving the name has to be used for submitting and uploading SPICe,INC-12 and INC-24 forms.