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Hope you’re enjoying our corporate law updates. Today we would like to share complete checklist and important information’s about how to apply motor vehicle driving training school in Delhi. The details are:-

Documents Required:-

  1. Name and Complete Address of the Applicant.
  2. Address proof of the place where the applicant desires to start his business. (The premises of the school should have pucca building either owned by the applicant or taken on lease or rent or hired in the name of the applicant, with a minimum covered area of 500 sq. ft.) Related image
  3. Copy of registered agreement, MCD property Tax receipt/ conversion charge for Commercial use. (The location of the premises and its usage will be as per the law permitted by the local authorities)
  4. Lecture room
  5. Demonstration of models room
  • Reception hall
  1. Tool room
  2. Parking area
  3. Basic amenities i.e. Toilets/drinking water etc.
  • Blue print of the premise
  1. Solvency certificate of Rs.3,00,000/- to be enclosed.
  2. Details of Bank Account No. and latest Statement.
  3. Preceding three years Income Tax Return Filed. Proof to be enclosed.
  4. The applicant maintains the following apparatus, equipment and other requirements, namely:—
    1. A blackboard,
    2. A road plan board with necessary model signals and charts,
  • Traffic signs chart, Related image
  1. Chart on automatic signals and signals given by traffic controllers where there are no automatic signals,
  2. A service chart depicting a detailed view of all the components of a motor vehicle,
  3. Engine gear box, 54[brake shoe and drums] (except where the applicant desires to impart instruction in the driving of motor cycles only),
  • Puncture kit with tire lever, wheel brace, jack and tire pressure gauge,
  • Spanners (a set each of fix spanners, box spanners, pliers, screw drivers, screw spanners, and hammer),
  1. Driving instructions manual,
  2. Benches and tables for trainees and work bench,
  3. A collection of books on automobile mechanism, driving, road safety, traffic regulations, laws relating to motor vehicles and related subjects
  • A fully equipped first-aid box for use in emergency at the premises

Eligibility Criteria:-

The applicant or any member of the staff employed by him for imparting instruction should possess the following qualification, namely:

  1. Minimum educational qualification – 10th
  2. Minimum Driving experience of five years in addition to a certificate in a course in motor mechanics or any other higher qualification in mechanical engineering.
  3. Ability to demonstrate and to explain the functions of different components, part of the vehicles (This shall be assessed by Zonal Office).
  4. Adequate knowledge of English or the regional language of the region in which the school or establishment is situated (This shall be assessed by Zonal Office).

Processing of an application for grant of a new MDTS license 

After going through the application and documents provided/ submitted by the applicant, the concerned Zonal Office physically inspect the site/premises of the proposed MDTS to assess the feasibility and submit the file with recommendation to Deputy Commissioner (operation) within 15 days of completion of all documentary formalities.

No application for license shall be refused by Zonal Office unless the applicant is given an opportunity of being heard and reasons for such refusal are given in writing by the Zonal Office.

After the examining the matter in the operation branch, the case for grant of license of MDTS may be put up to the Commissioner Transport, Delhi through joint Commissioner/Additional Commissioner for approval. Image result for motor driving school

Duration of a license and renewal thereof

A license granted in Form 11 shall be in force for a period of five years and may be renewed on an application in Form 13 made to the licensing authority which granted the license not less than sixty days before the date of its expiry


In respect of issue of license to a school or establishment for imparting instruction in driving the fees shall be charge in Rs. 2500 for five years.