Hello everyone….!!
Hope you’re enjoying our corporate law updates. Today we would like to share the process – How to update old watchdata proxkey token free? Kindly update your Watchdata proxkey tokens before 31.07.2018 otherwise you need to pay charges for updation. The entire process of updating is mentioned below:-
Step 1  Firstly uninstall all the “WD Proxkey software” which are previously installed. 
Step 2  Install the ProxKey Offline Upgrade Utility Tools from (https://knowledge.cryptoplanet.in/article/proxkey-token-upgrade-offline-utility/ a icon has been created at your desktop (ProxKey Offline Upgrade)
Step 3  Click on ‘Get Update Key’.You will be redirected to a website https://upgrade.cryptoplanet.in
Step 4  If your token is eligible for Upgrade it will prompt -‘ Congratulations!! You are eligible for Free Upgrade’ – Click on ‘Generate Key’
Step 5 Upgrade Key is displayed here – Copy the Key
Step 6  Paste the Key in the ‘ProxKey Upgrade Offline Utility’ & click on ‘Update’. Wait for 3-5 seconds
Step 7 You will get update successful message. Click OK and your tokens are now UPGRADED
For details please follow the instruction given in link https://knowledge.cryptoplanet.in/article/proxkey-token-upgrade-offline-utility/