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GNL-2 filed between 01/04/2014 to 20/10/2014

Stakeholders who were unable to file e-form ACTIVE as they had filed ADT-1 forms for appointment of auditors for the period from 2014-15 to 2018-19 as an attachment with GNL-2 e-form during the period from 01/04/2014 to 20/10/2014 (due to non-availability of e-form ADT-1 during that period), it has now been decided to permit re-filing of ADT-1 to such companies for the said period (up to 2018-19), with ‘fee relaxation’ (normal fee and additional fee). Stakeholders, in such cases, may download the latest ADT-1 e-form available on the portal and refile details of the Auditor’s appointment for the said...

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Our Views Regaring E-form MSME-01

Hello everyone, Trust all of you doing amazing in life and enjoying our corporate updates. Today we would like to share our viewpoints regarding MSME-1. Hope you will share this writeup with your near and dear ones:- e-Form MSME-1 has to be filed twice (Due Date – May 30, 2019). 1st MSME-1 for amounts outstanding as on 22.1.2019. This is a one time return. 2nd MSME-1 for amounts outstanding as on 31.3.2019. This is a half yearly return. Just like DPT-3, MSME-1 is also NOT REQUIRED to be filed where there is NIL reporting/ outstanding. Form MSME-1 is required...

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NCLT (Second Amendment) Rules, 2019 – Class Suits

MCA has vide NCLT (Second Amendment) Rules, 2019 prescribed the eligibility norms for filing class action Suit under Section 245 of the Companies Act, 2013. As per amended rules, the following persons shall be eligible for filing the class action suit: At least 5% of the total number of members or 100 members, whichever is less; or Member(s) holding not less than 5% of issued share capital, in case of unlisted Company; Member(s) holding not less than 2% of issued share capital, in case of Listed Company; or At least 5% of the total number of deposit holders or...

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Amendment in Removal of Name of Companies from Register of Companies Rules, 2016

Hello, Following an amendment in Removal of Name of Companies from Register of Companies Rules, 2016 taken place:- Fees for filing STK 2 is increased from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs.10,000/- All pending overdue returns in Form AOC-4 and MGT-7 shall be filed up to the end of the financial year in which the company ceased to carry on operations. In case ROC has issued a notice in STK 7 for striking off, the company shall not be allowed to file the application in form STK 2. The point is added in Indemnity Bond i.e. Form STK 4. “The company...

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Hello, Following are key highlights of ICSI Webinar held on May 09, 2019 on DPT-3:- Form DPT-3 is exempted for Government Companies and NBFC Companies. Nil return is also compulsory. Audit of Financials for FY 2018-19 is not compulsory for filing Form DPT-3. As per Rule 16 Figures filled in Form, DPT-3 should be audited one for that Auditor Certificate may be obtained. Difference between One-time Return and Annual Return. (A) In One time Return, we need to fill the amount received after 01/04/2014 and outstanding on 31/03/2019 but in Annual return, date of receipt of the amount is...

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